The First Page

The First Page


Aasmaan has always been known for its sincere dedication that they have shown towards their responsibility for the society. Much like every drop of water sums up to make the ocean, similarly, every small activity towards supporting altruism counts.  Aasmaan is an NGO that works to spread smiles. Smiles on the faces of those kids who are not able to enjoy equal rights in the society.

Every successful organization has an stirring backstory, and so does AASMAAN. The story began on bright Tuesday afternoon when they went on lunch to US Pizza. As they walked back home, they encountered kids who were begging for food. A thought flashed through their mind at that moment – they had wasted so much food. Questions bubbled up in their minds like volcanoes. Questions which haunted them. Questions like the starvation of these little children. Was their existence merely to live their lives and die? Could they not do anything about these little lives that were tagged to be urchins?  That was the day when the idea of  AASMAAN was sown by these 5 high school graduates – Viral Shah, Anand Nanavati, Koonj Shah, Nirmam Shah and Darshil Shah, 7 years ago on April 28, 2009.

There was no looking back from that moment on. They embarked upon the journey by helping and volunteering at a trust near Ambawadi. They took the photos of kids and got it framed to remind themselves of the cause that they were chasing.  Their meeting with Rj Vasisth in one of his seminars was an integral stoppage of their journey as the mist shrouding their destination became clearer. As their secondary board examinations concluded, they discovered “FOOTPATH SHALA” run by Kamal Sir who taught kids on the footpath and provided them a meal. Aasmaan supported his initiative by procuring food grains for them. Their second project was to distribute fruits at V.S. Hospital in the general pediatric ward. They strived forward by conducting blood donation camps, pasti project and innovative events that molded their identity. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today there are more than 150 volunteers, 3 teaching centers in 2 cities and more than 1, 00,000 smiles that Aasmaan manages to bring on the faces of those underprivileged children. Yet, the essence of Aasmaan foundation has risen from a humble beginning – a small initiative by five school kids and their immense dedication, gave birth to an organization or rather, a family. Throughout the years, Aasmaan has brought about innovations in the field of social work with its trademark events like Food For Thought, Lets Go Shopping! and Housie for a cause. Aasmaan is brightened as the kids soar high in the sky with their new found wings of freedom.

It is not the end, just the beginning. A beginning, to make this world a better place to live. A beginning of creating a society where kids can get to enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

Aasmaan will always shed its ray of gratitude, and make kindness – contagious.